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Farmers Wish List

Lifespan is a recurring theme in the ‘Farmer Wish List’. When you use PLI as a selection criteria, 14.4% of the calculation is based on longevity. By selecting bulls with a higher PLI you reduce the risk of a poor longevity score.

Alongside lifespan, daughter fertility and geting cows back in calve quickly and easily is also high on a farmer’s wish list, with fertility making up 20.3% of the PLI calculation.

Select your individual criteria traits to be able to compare bull figures. Use PLI as a base selection criteria and then select your bulls from the top 100. Elite high genomic bulls will oen be in short supply, which will be reflected in a higher straw price. Look at the bulls that meet your selection criteria, but also represent value for money.

Direct Calving Ease Scale -3 to +3



Erdman is the best in breed for lifespan at + 0.7

Erdman is the best in breed for lifespan at + 0.7

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PLI = 704

PLI = 712

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