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BULLSEMEN.COM LAUNCHES HEIFERXTRA SEXED GENETICS, a division of Genus Breeding Ltd, today launches HeiferXtra sexed genetics, using the latest technology created by Genus IntelliGen™ Technologies.


HeiferXtra will help UK farmers to grow their herds from within, creating replacement heifers from their best animals.  HeiferXtra uses the most advanced sexing technology available that uses a process that does not subject the product to high pressures and electric currents like technology that has been previously available.


HeiferXtra brought to you by Intelligen™ Technologies, demonstrates that their Sexcel technology achieves a 90 percent relative conception rate when compared to conventional semen (2016 field trial).


“This is exciting news for and our customers,” said Nicky Hudson,’s Sales Manager. “HeiferXtra gives our customers a new option for sexed genetics with and the opportunity to produce replacement animals they want using the right genetics for their herd. The technology has been extensively tried and test and with the added benefit of cows that have heifers producing more milk and less difficult calvings, there has never been a better time to invest in sexed genetics. We have a strong line-up of HeiferXtra sires to offer with something to suit all dairy farmers’ needs.  As always, we strive to deliver our customers great bulls, at great value.”

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