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Whose Got the New No1 PLI Bull?

The New Number One Holstein of the AHDB Dairy Proofs; A Bull that has been in the Top 10 for the past 12 months is Kings-Ransom Erdman supplied by

Erdman (PLI £603)  is one of the best daughter proven bulls of the breed for transmitting Longevity (Lifespan Index + 0.7) excels for Daughter Fertility (Fertility Index +12.4) and reduces Cell count (SCC index-18). Producing daughters that are more compact in size, Erdman will suit the UK demand for low cost easily managed cows.

He is also the highest Holstein in the Spring Calving Index.

A Planet Son out of a Ramos Dam will make him suitable to use on Oman, Goldwyn and Shottle Bloodlines.

The highest new entry in 4th position is CO-OP Robust Cabriolet. Remarkably Cabriolet has exactly the same PLI as his previous Genomic PLI score of £573.

No 6 is the highest De-Su Observer son Co-op RB Obsr Indy.

Indy is the best of the Top 10 for somatic Cell Count Improvement with a score of -29.

No7 With a PLI of £546 is United –Pride Erdman Evan.

The top 10 is complete with 2 Bulls. A previous No1 Prehen Omen  (PLI £541) whose milk quality continues to be impressive. Omen will suit commercial Farmers looking to meet contract requirements next year.

Finally Weigeline Observe-Puzzle an Observer son, more compact in size but offering scores of over 2 for Type and Feet.

“The accuracy of Genomic to Daughter Proof data is evident by Bullsemen’s outstanding success in the final proof run of 2015” says Nick Kirkby Managing Director

Cabriolet, Erdman, Indy & Puzzle are all available as Sexed Semen. has access to World Leading Suppliers CRI (USA) & (GGI) in Germany.

Dairy Farmers can discuss their breeding criteria by calling free on 0808 202 3230 or visit the website


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