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The latest August proof figures highlight strength of Bulls that will improve the health of your herd.

Longevity is a trait that is increasingly valued. The ability to produce animals that will give additional lactations is attractive from a welfare and economic point of view. have an exceptional choice in the August lifespan index with 5 of the top 10 bulls and with more than 10 bulls that are better than +0.5 there is an excellent choice to select from.

UK bred  Omen remains our highest index PLI ranked bull with a score of £582 Omen’s milk solids  and protein percent of +0.16 are of particular interest to farmers looking to improve these scores. His strong body traits and high fertility of +8.4% will be an excellent commercial choice.

In fourth place with a PLI of £562 is the international bred Erdman now with +2000 daughters in his proof he is the best in bred for lifespan with a score of +0.7.

Marcelon a high profile international bull entered the last proof run as the highest new entry maintains figures with a PLI score of £500. An increase to daughter numbers he will be a health trait specialist with a combination of daughter fertility +12.7 and Somatic Cell Count of -27 he will be an interesting choice.



United Pride Marcelon 6158

New bull Janitor enters the Genomic rankings with a score of PLI £627 with Milk over 700kg and components of 61.7kgs stock will be available for delivery from September.

“These bulls allow dairy farmers to improve the health of their herds by increasing the longevity fertility and hygiene of their cows” says Nick Kirby, the managing director of

“It is those attributes that can help make the difference to the profitability of the animal”.

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