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World Class Selection show Consistency & Success



World Class Selections show Consistency and Success. is delighted to offer continued stability and improvement with another excellent proof run. In our 10th year of trading we are proud to bring top international bulls to the UK market.

Enterprise from Italy, a Penmanship son in his 2nd proof run, has increased PLI to £717. Enterprise is excellent for quality improvement, production and fitness traits; a complete all rounder. We expect sexed semen to be available soon.

Barbarossa from Germany, an established Balisto son, has also increased PLI to £685. Barbarossa is excellent for improvement to fat with an impressive 37.5 kgs and protein 30.1 kgs and is also kappa casein BB.

Lautch Troy Lantern (USA) also sees an increase to PLI, now at £675. Lantern will reduce size, has a low maintenance score of -13 and will improve health traits. Fertility index improves to +13.6 and longevity is impressive at +0.7.

The consistency continues with daughter proven bulls.

Prehen Omen remains the No 1 UK bred PLI, a position held for an outstanding 3 years, strengthened with the addition of daughters. He is a component specialist, +0.17% fat and +0.19 % protein.

Relough Omen Roxie 4 (EX 90)                      Relough Omen Danna 4 (VG 88)


Co-op Robust Cabriolet improves PLI to £596 adding an impressive 2098 daughters to his proof. Cabriolet has very strong scores for both maternal (+2.9) and direct calving ease (+1.4) and an excellent fat yield at 39.2 kgs. He is also predicted to lower maintenance costs and increase longevity.

River Bridge Co-op Troy has more than doubled the daughters in his proof to 1209 and increases PLI to £545. Troy has an excellent locomotion score of +1.94, improved fertility index at +11.3 and longevity +0.6.

‘We are delighted to supply bulls that are continuing to improve and benefit our customers. Planning and investing in the right genetics for your herd will be key to future progress” says Tracey Gretton, Product Manager at

We will be adding new bulls to our current selection over the next few days.

For further information please contact us on Free phone 0808 202 3230.

The Best Ever Lifespan Bull is No 1 again

Following December's proof run complete 2016 with an outstanding selection whatever index you select from.

Kings- Ransome Erdman the longstanding leader has retained No 1 position for Daughter proven PLI.

An outstanding Lifespan score which has never been matched of +0.9, improved daughter fertility of +12.5 and an excellent maintenance score of -23 indicate daughters will cost less to feed than those by other Holstein bulls. Erdman is also the highest Holstein on the SCI Index offering a different breed option for grazing based, spring calving systems.

Co–op Robust Cabriolet increases PLI to £638 and is now ranked in second position. A breed leader for calving ease, exceptional Fat and Protein percentages of +0.19% and +0.05% and a low maintenance score of -17.

The Young Genomic Index also brings a selection of highly ranked bulls.

Co- op Aardema Black Jack now in his 2nd proof run improves PLI to £711.

Black Jack (Supershot x Numero Uno) is a health trait specialist with Longevity +0.6, Cell Count -19 and Fertility Index of +10.3 along with good fat and protein improvement.

Black Jack Dam

Latuch Troy Lantern offers an enviable combination of lifespan +0.7 and Fertility Index of +12.6 but also gives improvement to Type Merit with a score of +2.56.

Independent Industry recommendations suggest careful selection of high PLI proven and genomic bloodlines and we are delighted to be able to offer these and many other exceptional choices from all indexes.

For more information on all Bull updates visit or contact our team on 0808 202 3230.



The NO 1 PLI Daughter Proven @ £10.95 Offers Erdman the NO 1 PLI Daughter Proven @ £10.95

More information to follow on other bulls but we are delighted to be able to offer UK farmers the opportunity to purchase the No 1 PLI Bull @ £10.95. Discounts will apply for orders of 50 straws plus.

Today this bull is The No 1 PLI daughter proven , The No 1 for Lifespan and The No 1 for the highest Holstein on the Spring Calving Index.

Call 0808 202 3230 to order.


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