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Carmano: Conformation and fitness in one package

Bull Semen and Inimex logoCarmano pushed himself to rank 3 among the Red Holstein sires through his first new second crop daughters. He was already celebrated as conformation star when he made his debut in 2006, but this Cadon-son can offer a lot more than just beautiful daughters.

His breeding values for cell count, longevity and daughter fertility are also clearly above average. In fact, Carmano may not be the strongest in production, but by far the most complete Cadon-son in Germany.

Almost ten years ago, the magazine “milchrind” published a portrait of Carmano’s sire Cadon. Through that, he is the first Red Holstein sire of sons whose son is introduced in this rubric, too. Back then the Cadillac-son Cadon was described as real all-round sire on a high level and this title can also be given to Carmano without any problems. Cadon’s strength in conformation, which he proved doubtlessly amongst others with show cows like Tyra EX 93 or Feuer EX 93, is intensified by the transmission power of a convincing cow family that might have given him his advantage in the fitness traits.

“Black Holstein“ pedigree The cow family behind Carmano is the well-known L family of family Aussel in Rheda-Wiedenbrück that also bred bulls like the Dixiecrat-son Dixie-Ned or the Red Holstein bull Vim. Triple-daughter Loretta EX 91 born in 1986 is this family’s heart as she milked within seven lactations a lifetime production of 100,354 kg milk with 3.88 % fat and 3.22 % protein. Her Blackstar-daughter Laspalmas EX 90 reached a lifetime production of 58,360 kg milk with 4.13 % fat and 3.45 % protein within three lactations. Carmano’s dam Loreen EX 90 resulted from her mating with the Leader-son Lay Out who is strong in type. His son Laurel, still leading the RZFit top list of the Red Holstein sires, also proves that the Red Holstein Lay Out is able to transmit conformation and fitness qualities. It seems reasonable to assume that Lay Out contributed his part to Carmano’s fitness package for example through his still very good values for daughter fertility (RZR 110). “As Loreen is a red carrier we concluded a mating contract with Camora who was a current Command-son at that time“, Willi Flaßkamp from Rinder-Union West (RUW) remembers. “But the ET with Camora was unsuccessful and because Loreen herself gave birth to a Cadon-bullcalf, we changed this contract. So the Cadon-bullcalf became the test bull Carmano. He is characterized by a bloodline uncommon for Red Holstein bulls with Black Holstein background.“

Continuous rise Carmano born on February 16th 2001 ran a normal test use at RUW. He already attracted interest with the first breeding value informations in May 2006. “The figures were so promising that we decided to present Carmano-daughters at the Day of the Newcomer in Cloppenburg“, Willi Flaßkamp explains. While sires with second crop daughters were shown in Oldenburg in line with the European Show, German Genetics International (GGI) organized a progeny show for the newcomers of the German Holstein breeding. With that already Carmano could be presented at the beginning of his career in front of a big national and international audience and he left a very good mark. The daughters selected out of a little group clearly showed his quality as sire to improve udders with special strength in fore udder attachment and udder depth. Carmano could really live up to the expectations when the breeding values were published in August 2006. Having 87 daughters included in his breeding value he started with a RZG of 123 and a RZE of 136 as well as a very good value for udder health (RZS 114). Through that he established himself as new conformation specialist with all-round qualities. Another of his strengths obviously appeared as his daughters got older: His breeding value for longevity increased continuously, resulting in the leading position of the Cadon-sons in the course of time. Willi Flaßkamp is impressed by the durability of the Carmanos: “Still 40 of his daughters from the test are in milk in their 4th and 5th lactation. We do not see this very often. “

High durability This bull’s strengths are of course in conformation and especially in feet & legs and udders. He additionally offers a complete fitness package of longevity, udder health and daughter fertility which makes him rank on #2 with an RZFit of 133 behind Laurel with 135. Regarding weaknesses Willi Flaßkamp names the even to slightly sloped rump angle that probably was inherited from Cadon and needs to be considered when mating. “Moreover Carmano-daughters sometimes have less strength. At first they are late maturing heifers that – however – develop very well the older they get“. Franz-Josef Aussel, the breeder of the bull, has seven second crop Carmano-daughters in milk. He points out another strength that, in his opinion, Carmano may have also received from the cow family. “There are not many daughters that are culled early; nine out of ten cattle are good. I am often asked regarding Carmano at auctions and all the people are satisfied. His daughters do not have that much production, but they milk very constantly and are very solid, inconspicuous cows that can be handled easily everywhere.“

Great demand Carmano has been in great demand ever since – because of his very complete transmission – and the most frequently used Red Holstein bull for two years in a row in Germany. “Alone in the RUW area, he has made more than 52,000 first inseminations so far“, Jörg Potthast says who is responsible for semen marketing at RUW. “We think that the demand will increase with the outstanding breeding values from second crop. As Carmano does not only have high fertility, but is also a very good semen producer, there should not be any supply shortages.“ Carmano was used as a sire of sons in all German and European Red Holstein programs, too.

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